Restarter - Details & Features

Application Description

Restarter is an application that automatically monitor and restarts crashed or hung programs and applications. It was originally developed to monitor and restart game servers, but it will do the job for any console or form based program or application, For example; IRC clients or servers, FTP servers, mail servers, etc. Restarter will help to ensure that your critical programs are always up and running. If your application crashes or if someone accidentally shuts it down, the Restarter will automatically restart the program with all the parameters that you have specified. Restarter also has the option to log, raise alarms and execute scripts on critical events.


  • Monitors a specified Process existence
  • Restarts and/or logs when the process fails, crashes or is accidentally shut down
  • Automatically kills the monitored process if it is unresponsive or hung
  • Option to execute external scripts if the process fails. Sample scripts includes Send e-mail, Restart Computer
  • Option to play a selectable sound when process fails.
  • Option to restart the process window Maximized, Minimized or Normal
  • Option to force focus on the restarted process window
  • Option to start your application from a shortcut and automatically have it monitored with Restarter
  • Portable application - No registry settings & all program files in one single directory, making it suitable to run directly from a memory stick


  • Microsoft Windows OS: 2000 Server, 2000 Professional, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Vista, 7
  • Microsoft .NET framework Version 2.0 or higher